Internal antenna polarization

Does anyone know the polarization pattern of the internal antennas? Are they omni or bow tie? I haven’t found anything in the documentation that says that the hub should be oriented horizontally only and I would like to mount mine flat against a wall.

I don’t know the polarization either, but I have mine mounted flat against a wall. It works just fine for me. I primarily use Z-wave devices, but I have some Zigbee devices too.

I would think the polarization would be more of a concern if there is a long distance between the hub and the nearest Z-wave or Zigbee devices.

@sctnelson2001 that might be a good question for @lewis.heidrick

The internal antenna radiation pattern is basically a big fat donut, nearly a sphere. You should be ok mounting it in any direction you want.


I believe this is what you're looking for.

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