Intermittent Sunrise/Sunset Timing Issue

I've run into a regular occuring intermittment problem that I can't seem to work out.

About once a week RM4 rules that rely on sunset/sunrise seem to fire no matter what the time. Its currently happening right now.

Sunrise is at 6:48am where I am located (Geelong, Vic, Australia).

My hub correctly sets out the location, timezone and sunrise/sunset:

The current time now is about 8:30am (well after sunrise). My rules that rely on between sunset and sunrise are currently show that it is True (between sunset and sunrise) when it isn't.

By way of example the rule shows it triggered at 08:18am despite not been within sunet / sunrise (though the rule says it is).

As stated above, this happens about one day a week. All other days the rules sunset/sunrise run fine. I just can't peg down why this happens roughly one day a week. A reboot of the hub solves the problem and everything is back to normal.

I don't think it is a case of the hub just failing to adjust at sunrise as the problem seems to begin occuring at about 2am. For instance, I have a rule that logs presence to turn on/off lights if presence sensor detects Poppy arriving home between sunsent and 22:00 (note time is currently showing true even though its not currently between sunset and 22:00

Yet the rule started firing at about 2:06 am and thereafter intermittently throughout the night.


If anyone has any ideas what might be the intermittent culprit I would be grateful.