Intermittent Hub access issues on iPhone

So often I can access the hub on 1 device, say my Mac or iPad but not on my iPhone. In fact I have the same issue with different iPhones so it’s not with 1 device, almost as if there is an iPhone browser issue here. Anyone else see this problem?

Rebooting the phone doesn’t work either. The only workaround is to wait for awhile, today something on the order of 30min or maybe an hour and then just try again and it works without issue.

This sounds like a WiFi or router issue.

  1. Have you assigned a static IP address for the HE hub using MAC reservation etc ?
  2. Do wired computers ever have an issue accessing the HE hub or is it only wireless devices ?

iPhone only actually.

Also, Yes the IP is static

I’ve got an XS and my wife’s got an iPhone 8 , both on latest OS and not seeing that behavior sorry.
What brand and model router are you using ?
Is it on the latest firmware ?
Have you checked whether there are any power settings set to shut down your mobile phones WiFi ?

Naw it’s not a phone or WiFi issue, I’m well aware of that. Just the hub landing page for me. Not a huge deal, just something that I run into every once in a awhile, thought I’d see if anyone else had the issue. Guess will just leave this one sit here for others to see.

Good luck with it then because if Wired computers have no issue connecting to the “landing page” but any device connecting via WiFi has the issue, then doesn’t that point to the WiFi ?
That being the only way a mobile phone can connect to the HE hub ?

Nothing is wired, everything is wireless and it’s just an iPhone thing...and not just my iPhone, my sons too. :slight_smile: