Intergration Design Assistance

I am looking for an Integrator(s) who has deep experience in putting together a Complete Home System including HVAC and Solar apart from Normal Features like lighting, safety, security and energy conservation. Though there is a difference between Hubitat and Crestron/Control 4 . If you are interested in supporting an effort of putting all the pieces together , then I would be interested in discussing the same with you and also taking the lead to develop a system to compete with the Crestron and Control4. Could we discuss ? My email is

There is a share-ware community Crestron integration for Hubitat, linked below:

For Control4, this post from @jeubanks should get you going:


In my opinion, I don't think it is fair to compare a $120 DIY hub to a $20,000 Creston/Control4 system, for a variety of reasons. Hubitat is a DIY product for the most part, so I am not sure if you will find someone to install this for you or maintain it for you.

Hubitat (to paraphrase) recommends this hub not be used for life safety (fire) and security in their Terms of Service, and they have also stated this is not the intended purpose of this product many times in the forum.

There are many threads on this forum regarding HVAC, solar, energy monitoring, and the other items you list. A forum search with those terms, or specific brand names should reveal if Hubitat will work with certain items.

Hope this helps you to make your decision!


Thanks for the feedback. I would love to get together the thread originators in one room and put one system together