Interesting Observation - Zwave devics staying after exclusion?

So today I embarked on a project to shut down and rebuild my mesh (along with a hard reset of my hub, long story). As I was going through and excluding my zwave devices, I went into the device page to check what I had left to get rid of , and I found that all the devices that I had excluded, while gone by their assigned name, are still there at the bottom of the list with their default name. Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't seem right does it? Also after excluding these devices, I have been doing a factory reset and pulling the batteries. I'm about to reset the hub and then begin rebuilding the hub. As I do that I will again exclude each device before I include it.

When you say the device list you mean the devices page on the hub, and not the zwave details correct?
No I don't think that's normal, the exclude should remove the device from the zwave details AND the device page.

Also, if you are excluding all zwave devices, you should also do a zwave radio reset while you are at it. Excluding the devices again after the reset wont be needed at all, so you could skip that part. People just recommend to do that to establish that the device is in range of the hub but I would say you already have established that.

Actually, they were in both places.

Oh, I'm going full nuclear.. exclude, reset the radio, reset the hub, rebuild the meshes from the ground up.. basically (almost) starting over. The only thing that makes this (almost) painless, is none of my automations are on the same hub, they are all on another hub. All I will need to do is relink the devices, swap out the old linked devices (that should now show offline) with the new ones, and then rebuild my dashboards. Hopefully, this will fix a few pesky issues that have been nagging me for a while. I'll just take the opportunity to rebuild my meshes the correct way.

Good to Know. I was just going to do it as an extra precaution.

Thank goodness I only have about 25 or thirty devices, if I had as big a network as some people in the community, I have to figure something else out.

Are you sure you did not do the factory reset the devices BEFORE the exclude? Because then this would make sense. Once you factory reset the device wont know what node it was attached to anymore so when you exclude the hub wont remove the device. If you exclude it straight away the device will tell the hub what node it was, and then the hub cleans everything up.

Yep. As a matter of fact I got about half of them excluded then thought about it and went back and reset the ones I had already done, and then reset the rest after they were excluded. Ive almost got it redone. Had a bit of trouble with a Zooz Zen 74, and these Ring Gen 2 motion sensors, they are a bear. I do have one device, an old intermatic Zwave Switch that's been an issue for a while. Im not even sure if its Zwave+, I kind of doubt it. No one makes anything like it anymore. it currently isn't showing a routing. I think I am going to need a better solution for my garage lights. That thing is just too flaky. Probably pick up some extendable track lights at Costco and just plug them into a Zooz Zen04 and call it a day.

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that's very strange, if you excluded it and it was confirmed excluded, it should have been removed from the device list. I've never seen it not.

Yeah, I've never seen that happen before. Quite strange. Most of my devices added back just fine without issue. The only ones that gave me any issues (and I do not think it is related), were the Ring Motion sensors. Man, those things were a bear to re-include. They work great. But definitely not something you want to mess around excluding and reincluding. they really don't like that! The devices that gave me major issues were Sengled bulbs (grrr) and my Hue motion sensors. One of the hue motion sensors I got so frustrated I fired up my hue bridge and included it there, but I don't see a way to pull it back into habitat from there. I'll have to work on that more this afternoon

Install cocohue to bring your hue devices into hubitat. Available in Hubitat package manager

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24 hours after the Nuking . Close to half my devices previously were hopping (on a C8). I think I just had something funky gumming things up, might have even gone back to the original migration from the C7 in April. The only issues I'm still contending with ae my Zigbee devices. particularly Hue motion sensors.

The one device that is still hopping is understandable, it is a temp/humidity sensor inside a gun safe. Also explains the speed. But it has been working like a champ for over a year with only one battery change. The other slow device is an old intermatic Zwave socket in my garage. I don't even think it is Zwave+. It's not going to be around for much longer, just gotta figure out how many shop lights I'll need to replace it. I have one for the 4 way adjustable LED panel lights in it. Makes my garage look like the surface of the sun when it is on.