Interesting - Motion Lighting Slow Down

So, I've had an interesting development in the last 3 months or so. My motion lighting automations have slowed down -- considerably.
My "Master Bath" lighting automation - Master Bath Motion detects motion and turns on 4 Zigbee bulbs to 100% and turns on 2 Zwave switches. This has worked great since I set it up (a couple of years ago?). The Zwave switches were always slower - you could see the difference. But in the last few months, the Zigbee bulbs were still almost instant, but the Zwave switches were consistently taking 2-3 seconds to turn on.

So I thought my problem was something happened to my Zwave mesh. I ran the repair several times, and couldn't really tell a difference.

Go to this week - I didn't realize the grave warnings on webCoRE had been lifted. Just for fun, I thought I'd try (since I had experience from way back in my ST days).

Same automation - everything is instant!

Not complaining, just documenting. I will say I have a LOT of motion lighting automations and rules -- my goal is actual automation. I don't want to have to touch a switch or tell Google to turn on a light - maybe too many rules?

I've migrated almost all of my motion lighting rules to webCoRE, and they are all faster.

Anyone know why?

Also - is "pausing" the old rules good enough? Or do I need to delete? (I want to keep them in case there is a future problem with webCoRE...

My experience was similar to yours until I installed the .135 platform version. The improvement in responsiveness and consistency was fabulous. I use node-red instead of webcore and I have a C-5. I've avoided later versions of the platform because I haven't read anything that makes me think there's an improvement to be had. YMMV

Tagging @april.brandt regarding the pause vs delete question.

I'm on, with a C-4.
I wonder if the newer updates are causing problems for older hubs...

I put a node-red docker on my Unraid server, but since I already knew webCoRE and had never used node-red, I went with what I knew.

You are not the first to question that. Unless you installed 135 along the way there is no mechanism to get it now. If you did install out you can revert to it.

I'd have done the same and I don't think that affects what you are experiencing.

Yes, if you are on a C7 stay where you are. If you are on a c4 or c5 then I wouldn't go above 135. If you still have 129, that one seems to be running the best IMHO.

NO - in the upper right hand corner there is an x next to the other icons (not the close button, silly) but an obscured grey x that if you click, you will have the ability to disable the rules. Clicking this reveals a new set of check boxes to the left of the rules and apps. Do this as the hub still processes the logic if they're paused, but does not act upon them. If you disable them, the hub doesn't do anything with them. I can't get you a screenshot because I'm at work, but look for the x just above the line of the apps list. You'll find it if you're looking for it. Maybe someone can get you a screenshot and post it here.

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My motion lighting routines on HE were slow. I migrated them to Node-RED and they are significantly faster and more reliable. My flows directly address the lights on a Hue hub rather than via HE. I'm very happy with the set-up now. I also kept my HE rules (just in case I need them one day) but disabled them as per the guidance above.

I knew about this for devices, but never even looked for apps! Thanks!

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I dove in head first and moved my rules to node red. It took some time so, I hoarded the RM rules for a while then one day ... I DELETED THEM! And it felt liberating. Go BIG or go HOME.


It does appear that those who have upgraded to a C7 have found that their Zwave experience has never been better.
However, for those whose zwave is still on a C5 (or C4), then ... YMMV.

Never knew that was there. Another useful tip!

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I have a C4 and I would definitely say this is true for me. I rolled back a couple of weeks ago due to issues. I had one lockup since but I'm pretty sure it was related to a user created app. It's been up for a week now and is running beautifully.

I'll add that to the massive list of things I did not know, thanks.

I can't seem to bring myself to do this. I have about 90% of my rules in Node Red now but cannot get myself to delete them from Rule Machine. Probably going to be harder for me now having disabled them instead of just being paused.

Well, the reason I deleted them was because they were outdated to my needs. I've tweaked my node red flows beyond what I had in Rule machine. And I might have broken a few rules when my second hub expired unexpectedly. So, I decided that I no longer needed t hem. I had some pretty unique rules in RM. I also decided that I would do them differently if I had to do it again. Should I lose my pi to something catastrophic, there are only one or two rules I would have to create to keep the house moving. Three locks and some night lighting. Everything else would and can go manual in an emergency, I don't have sirens to contend with. Although definitely inconvenient. It would literally take about 15 minutes to reconfigure my pi and load the backed up flows.