Interesting HSM Issue

The last few nights my HSM has disarmed more than once during the night and I have run my C7 hub for about a year and never seen this before. The thing that is happening according to the system event log is that my phone is disarming "Disarm Alarm when anyone returns". I don't understand how my phone could have ever been in the away mode around the times this occurred. The reason is that I had been home for a couple days and had not left. It appears that the mobile app is changing me to away and then changing me to home randomly in the middle of the night. Has anyone else ever seen this occur and do you have any suggestions. I am running the latest version of the mobile app on Android.

It's frustrating when rules that have worked for ages start playing up. I think for this issue it's worth considering using some form of aggregated/combined presence to avoid a single dependency, especially for HSM in my opinion. I use WiFi connection, Life360 and the HE app to determine if I'm really home or away and it's robust. You wil find various threads and even some custom community apps related to this under topics like "combined presence".

Point well taken. How do you test for wifi connection?

Several options:

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