Interation of "and Stays" with Conditional Trigger

If I have this rule:

Power level of Dryer reports > 8.0 and stays that way for: 0:02:00 - ONLY IF(Power level of Dryer is < 30.0)

And the power level goes above 30 after 1 minute, (i.e. it violates the condition), does the rule still trigger once the 2 minutes are up?

What if the power level goes above 30, then back down, within the 2 minutes?

For that matter, what if the power level goes below 8, and then back up within the 2 minutes, does that still count as "and Stays"?

Here is my washer rule that is based on power wattage. Maybe it helps get you going. It’s been working well for several years.

According to the Hubitat documention (link in upper right of community here):

conditions for conditional triggers are evaluated after the trigger event

I interpret this to mean the power must first be >8 for 2:00, then at that 2:00 mark, the condition looks to see if power <30. If yes, rule triggers. If no, rule does not trigger.

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Thanks for the rule! I implemented it, although I used "And Stays" instead of "Delayed Action".

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I guess I'll have to test it. If what you write is true that would work well, but that would also mean I have a race-condition bug somewhere in my code (not the same code as what I replied to ritchierich about).