Interactive notifications?

Is it possible to have the built in notifications app include other interactive elements? The variables for time, date, etc. are great, but I'm wondering if we can include links, buttons, actions etc. I have a notification that tells me when someone buzzes my apartment door, and a relay device that accepts a command to buzz them in, I have a cloud api tasker link on my home screen I can press, but it would be pretty nifty to include a button or link in the notification itself that one could click to respond to the notification with prearranged actions. I tried an html link with the link pointing to the maker API but it didn't render as a link (didn't think it would, but it was worth a shot!) If this isn't possible, let's call it a feature request! Thanks.

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If you are a Tasker user, I would highly recommend using the Join Api for your notifications. I created the driver below primarily because of the actionable notification options....see below.

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To add to the above:

Instead of sending a notification to the Hubitat app, instead look at using Pushover, you can send links in the notification and "take action" from the notification (by clicking on it) plus you can still use the base variables like time, device, etc to create the message

I don't use this kind of functionality for Hubitat but I do use it for some work stuff and it works very well for my users.

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I’ve always thought an interactive chat bot would be a good way to interact with a ha system. I checked and it’s possible using node-red but I don’t have the time for it.

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