Integration Atmos Home

Has Hubitat reached out to Atmos Home for integration? Fabulous touch panel.

contact: dean at Atmos Home

This seems more of a rival hub than an integration point...


Seems a google home hub with a hefty price tag...

AtmosControl Plus


OK, maybe, but how is this a problem or different than enjoying voice features from Alexa, here just a beautiful interface on a well-designed hardware platform. Seems like a nice complement to me. Not every wants a basic tile-based interface.

I also like Zipato ZipTile and Brilliant ( I am looking to have a couple elegant central touch-screen overviews in the house. Personally the Sharptools strategy is not refined enough.

Looking to build my own.
Just ordered some chineses cheap HW to test it out..

The Idea is to use the Maker API for it Plus Hubduino. If it works as intended. it will be roughly 20€ in HW costs.

Before through i would like to see whats next for Dashboards in Hubitat.

Because it's a hub, not just a tablet. Who wants to spend $300 for a control tablet?
And yes, brilliant looks cool. But $350?!?! I don't think so.

How did you get on with the project? Care to share your experience? I know there's a lot of content for a DIY control panel out there but wondering how a HE user got on with it.