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I'd like some advice on a UK security system to integrate with hubitat. As an insurance condition I need an alarm (high value items). So can't use the Arduino solution for the alarm on its own, but want something integrated so I can have a single PIR sensor in each room and use it for security and automated lighting, ideally with integrated illustration sensor. I also want the PIRs to trigger recording on a CCTV system, yet to be selected, if the alarm is armed and the sensors detect motion all cameras are turned on.

I have wondered if a wired Texecom solution and Arduino ESP32 getting the sensor state in parallel is best. I've prototyped it, but the house we are buying isn't easy to wire up. Is there a wireless alarm that you be interested with hubitat easily? Or an alarm with direct Ethernet/WiFi module that can communicate with hubitat? Iwant the integration to be local, not cloud based.


Tough question for non-UK residents. Hopefully your fellow countrymen can lend a hand. Nest Secure is what I would suggest, but you're going to have to wait until next year to get that in the UK. It meet's all the criteria except for the single PIR sensor (and not locally controllable yet). My personal belief is that security sensors should be on a private channel from home automation, but that's just my opinion of that subject.

If insurance is a concern, I think your best bet would be to check with them to see what they would consider an approved security system, if they have such a category under your plan policy.

If Nest Secure was an approved system, you can control it from Hubitat using @ogiewon 's port of Google Assistant Relay (no Google Home required). In fact, any device or alarm system that Google Assistant can control, may be controlled with that driver and a simple node.js server you can run on a Raspberry Pi 3 or a spare computer.

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