Insteon or ISY integrator app for Habitat

I've essentially moved over from ISY and am slowly swapping out the Insteon dimmers for Lutron as they inevitably die. There is still a bunch of other Insteon equipment like garage door and thermostat that I need to control. I know there is an integration for the Insteon hub (using a server) to Hubitat however I was hoping someone had written an integrator type app for Hubitat that would enable a direct support for Insteon equipment or via the ISY hub from with the Hubitat environment. I don't think I'm interested in setting up a standalone server (Polyglot or otherwise). Worst case scenario is I maintain two independent hubs slowly moving everything over to Hubitat.


I guess since you say you don't want to setup a separate server, then this is out for you?

I marked it [AS-IS] because there were complaints it wasn't working for some people. But I and several others have no problem with it. It updates status almost instantly now on 2.2.4.x, and everything just works. But if running node.js on a Raspberry Pi or in a docker container as some have said they were able to get working, is not going to happen in your home, then unfortunately there just isn't a solution.

Did you guys get that working with ISY or still just Insteon Hub?

Hub. I don't have ISY

Gotcha. I think the OP has an ISY....

Even with the ISY integrating to Hubitat or Lutron would require another system to run the integration from. Not many options when working with small "hub" systems.

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That was my understanding too, but since the thread was titled "insteon or ISY" I thought I would throw a link to the integration. I would guess that some might still have an Insteon hub around.

Should clarify that is does have to be the Hub2 (2245-222)

LOL - Yeah I have an Insteon hub. In a box.

The ISY is very capable and add Polyglot to the mix and all of the integrations it's a serious little box. Downside is the OP's issue of needing an external system for integrations.... someday maybe Polisy will mature into a stand alone system.

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It’s not so much the ISY that was the deciding factor, I’m done with Insteon equipment. After playing with Hubitat for a while and researching Lutron equipment I decided to try it and it just worked. I replaced four of my SwitchLinks which had paddle problems, installed a motion sensor and everything is working perfectly. Another issue that I don’t have to worry about with Hubitat/Lutron is powerline interference, which has been an ongoing problem with Insteon.

You are correct, I don’t have an Insteon hub.

Yup... I hear you there. Insteon has it's uses though but you're making a good decision moving up to Lutron.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t have an Insteon hub and have no intention of buying one lol. I’ve spent a bit of time reading a bunch of your posts so I am aware of the server setups but because I don’t have an Insteon hub it’s all a moot point.

I may invest a little time to see how difficult it would be to programmatically return a few of device statues from ISY i.e garage door position and lights. That might be enough until I replace everything eventually.


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From the ISY you could use Network Resources to make HTTP calls to Hubitat....

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Yep. Just thought I would toss it out there. Lutron is great, but I'm not too much a fan of the Caséta dimmers. You cannot get them to remember last dim setting. They always turn on to full, so they have that "favorite" button in the middle where you can at least set a level for them to turn on at when you press it.

I really like the features the Insteon dimmers have, but I've never had issues with both sides of the mesh on mine. If one dropped the ball, the other has always picked it up.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I was planning on on using. it’s relatively easy and from what I understand I can run the HTTP Get requests from within rule machine.

Limitations of Caseta.... If going from Insteon to Caseta it's an upgrade in reliability but a downgrade in features. Moving to Lutron RadioRa 2 is an upgrade and has the price tag to prove it :slight_smile:

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Another one of the deciding issues which came up continually over the 15 years was connected with reliability of the Insteon/ISY protocol for storing data in the devices themselves. On many occasions there would be discrepancies between the data in the devices and the data in the PLM which would render the scenes useless. So whenever a scene stopped working I’d check for differences and sure enough the data would be different requiring a device restore. So the consistency of accurate data was an issue along with failing Insteon equipment and the cost of upgrading to a system to allow Alexa access. I just wasn’t willing to spend anymore on new SwitchLinks.

@SmartHomePrimer I’ve never had a need to save the last dim setting so that isn’t a problem in my case. The critical thing was reliability, it just wasn’t there.

Im in same boat as jeubanks have 40 insteon devices and 5 z-wave that i replaced failing inston but I can afford to buy 40 z-wave devices so hopefully they will make a app that works, were not alone 1000,s of users are looking for a replacement, and I agree that hubitat has a way better app for z-wave but not a easy functional for insteon. I could not add any z-wave devices using isy but using hubitat was able to add devices in a heart beat, not sure where the disconnect is since isy is certified but Id love to stay with hubatit if they had more insteon support, especially since its dying and so many people own them, and worst of all cant replace them, so people with existing insteon devices will be looking for a bridge. I looked into hubitats way of dealing with this but seems to complex sadly, Id just like to download a app and it works, would make it perfect, maybe in future. For now im researching my options since I own both hubitat and isy weighing my options of 40 insteon devices which isy supports well or 5 z-wave devics that hubatit supports well. Tough choice wish one or the other supported both platforms well.

If the end goal is to move away from Insteon then I would really suggest you move to Lutron for your lighting. If Caseta doesn't offer the features you want then move up to Radio Ra 2 (I know Ra 3 is released but integrations aren't available yet). If you don't want to spend the full chunk on Radio Ra 2 now then go with RA2 Select so you only have to upgrade your main repeater (processor) to go to either full Ra 2 or Ra 3 in the future. Or if you're made of money go for the big bang and go with Lutron HomeWorks.

Lutron may seem expensive now... but chances are you won't be really happy with Z-Wave for lighting and then you're out the expense of all of the Z-Wave devices and the new expense of migrating to Lutron in the end. Unfortunately too many people make this mistake and don't just go with a Lutron solution in the beginning.

Both Hubitat and ISY have support for Lutron and there's a ISY NodeServer to integrate Hubitat with the ISY so you get the best of both worlds.

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So Im leaning towards keeping hubit vs isy but how do I install the isy "socket as you call it" and do I need to code? Furthemore does hubitat easily support cams and ifttt protocal as I seen a nice switch I like to have, but again is it just a download or is programming required (code). Lastly before i decommission the isy does hubitat offer paid support in case I get things wrong, dont get me wrong forum is great but for complex problems, issues, and general know how it really is much faster talking to someone that makes sense. Took almost a year of back and forth to get insteon working properly, which might have been fixed over telephone in a hour or two because they changed protocols without notifying anyone. Thanks Rob oh one last thing does hubitat support tv's and kevo? I think im covered in my questions, If any of these apply with out doing major intervention do please post the steps and or products needed, again thank you for any help!.