Insteon integration 2020

Hello, I've been reading about using Insteon switches and outlets with Hubitat. It seams possible, but I'm not sure how difficult. I've read about using a rasberry pi. Is that used to allow the Hubitat hub to communicate with the Insteon hub or is the Insteon hub not needed? Most posts seam to be several years old.

I have about 15 Insteon items that I'm using with the Insteon Hub2. Mostly switches with a few door sensors and outlets. Really tired of issues with switches not getting signals from the hub. The new long awaited app from Insteon leaves little to be desired. So, I'm on the verge of dumping what I have already invested or finding a more reliable hub that will work with what I have.

Is there a tutorial somewhere that clarifies what is needed to use Hubitat reliably with the Insteon stuff I have?


If you have a Hub2, then you just need the RPi or a spare computer you don’t mind running 24/7. I use and old MacBook Pro and power consumption with the lid closed and the screen off is very low.

The thread is marked [AS-IS] because we just got tired of people complaining that it didn’t work for them, yet I and several others have absolutely no problems with it. In fact, I added stuff just recently for Christmas lights and it just works. So much nicer to use than most of the other devices I own. Easy to add, never fails to function, never slows, never drops and is super fast.

Thanks. Might just give it a try.

what if you do have insteo keypads, I have 3 will they work, how do I install this to my new hubitat?