Insteon and Hubitat

I was reading about Insteon who was shutting down their platform because of $$$$. I really hope that Hubitat is fine in term of $$$$. They are OK for years to come ? What do you think ?

I think that they’re fine. Haven’t seen any sign to the contrary. Year after year people ask this question, and the answer is pretty much always the same.


No one know for sure what the future holds but Insteon and Hubitat's business models are very different. Insteon had a very closed proprietary system. Their hub was a bit of a train wreck (or at least it was 6 or so 8 or so years ago when I was using it). And there were very few hubs that supported Insteon products. Developer barrier to entry was also pretty high forcing prospective devs to pony up for a development kit to access their API. Device cost was also ridiculously expensive--every item seemed to cost $50. Compare that to $30-$40 ZWave switches and dimmers, $20 add-on switches, $15 Picos, etc., and it's not too hard to see why they didn't make it.

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AFAIK, the only "hubs" were either from Insteon, or used an Insteon PLM.

Also, Hubitat supports portable tech, so it should be possible to reuse Hubitat-controlled devices by pairing them other other z-wave controllers or zigbee coordinators that support ZHA 1.2.


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