Installing Mode Manager -, Requires Platform Update (

With all the talk about Mode Manager, and having only used the now "legacy" version in a very minimal way, I thought I would take a look at the current version. It was a bit of a bumpy ride. Not a major issue for me, but thought I would post it anyway in case it was something worth looking at.

My test/dev hub (C-4) was running and produced this error when attempting to install Mode Manager:

I applied a HE platform update to bring it up to When I accessed the Apps page I saw both the Legacy Mode Manager App and the new one I attempted to install earlier. When I clikced on the new Mode Manager I was presented with what I assume is the expected "upgrade" path.

I'll start with a new setup and play around some more.

.127 version of Mode Manager had a bit of a flaw and was pulled.


Ok, that's good... In the sense that it explains the situation and it appears to have been fixed based on what I have seen.

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