Insert Action into a Basic Rule

I'm not sure I am in the right place for this but, here goes. I am just getting my feet wet with some automations I want to run daily. I noticed that because what I am doing is straightforward, Basic Rules could be built.

The Problem I left out some Actions. I also see no method of inserting an action between two existing actions.

What I Am Asking Am I stuck? Or, does Rule Machine - something I've not even tried yet - have provisions to do this, and if so, how does one bring a Basic Rule into Rule Machine? And, if I do, will it make my rule "go bang" and need a lot of editing and tweaking?

Thanks, Gang.

I believe you can just change the action in basic but there is no way to stick bits in. They are so easy to build I suppose it doesn't matter.

Yes RM does have this ability but they are not as easy to build :joy:.
However you can directly import a basic rule into RM. Just open up RM and your have the option to import basic rules. No way to go backwards though.

No it will not make it go bang it will be a exact copy of your basic rule just ran from RM and in its UI. I believe it disables your basic rule though as you don't want them both running at the same time.

In Rule Machine proper you can insert lines before other lines, as well as delete lines.

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