Input from Google Sheet or Calendar

I have a Google spreadsheet that is programmatically updated once per year with various date entries. Google Calendar entries are created from the spreadsheet.

Is it possible to use either the spreadsheet or calendar as input to set a Boolean variable?


I believe it has been said this can be done with IFTTT. But there is no native solution that I am aware of.

I remember there was a thread about reading from Google Sheets from earlier this year (April, May?) because I posted in it. But it's gone now. (or my member is fading)

I'm using GitHub - mnestor/GCal-Search and it works well for calendar integration; I use it to track when there are work holidays so my wake up routines don't run and bother me :slight_smile: I thought I got it from a link here but searching doesn't seem to yield anything so now I'm not so sure... If you try it and it doesn't work as is, reply here and I'll see what's different.

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I'm interested in this as well. I currently use IFTTT to set my thermostat to vacation mode if there is a Google calendar event that has the keyword vacation in it. Would be nice if I could do this without IFTTT to reduce the cloud dependencies from 2 to 1.

There was a thread I started some time ago where people shared their experiences, with mixed results. I still haven't followed up on it myself. I'll find the link...

Here it is...

Ah, thanks for the link. That led me to the one I’m using which was ported from the one I linked above.

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IFTTT worked, thanks.

that link goes to a smartthings github - will that work in Hubitat? how specifically - driver code? (noob apologies)

It should be this port to hubitat

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