Inovelli Z-wave Associate won't delete

I had 3 different dimmers working together fine using z-wave association. I decided to remove 1 of the 3 to make it seperate, but the other dimmers can still control its dimming function, but not its on and off function. I even tried deleting all associations and they are still paired somehow. How do I reset the switch that I want out?

Have you tried resetting the switch (Press the configure button for more than 10 seconds)?

Note that this will erase the Z-Wave connection to the Hub, so it would be preferable to un-pair it from Hubitat first to avoid orphaned devices on the hub.

Or create a temp virtual device, swap that in for all the โ€œin use byโ€ entries, then exclude, reset, include, then swap the newly-paired real device for all the temp virtual device placeholders. That way, you donโ€™t lose/break your automations.

You know, the breaking of automations & dashboards is a real pain in the ***.

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So I ended up re-creating the original association with all 3, then deleting them, then creating a new one with just the 2 lights. It works as expected now.