Inovelli white bulbs (LZW41). can't disable slow on\off transition

I finally managed to have the same security level with the switch (hint: it's S0) and was able to do an association with LZW31-SN dimmer with the association tool. Bubl does follow the dimmer, but there is a big annoyance, the bulb always does it is a slow transition.
There are settings for transition speed for the dimmer and it is set to 0, and I can see that when I turn it on - the LED strip goes to the fullest instantly, but the bulb turning on gradually showing off that it can do a transition. Bulb has transition settings, but it is in the range 1+ (and non set is default to 1), so I did not find an option to disable it.
Moreover, when I click on\off on the device page of the bulb it also goes off and on at the same slow speed

On the other hand, if I use SetLevel and define a transition speed 0 on the same page it goes off and on instantly no problem.
Apparently, the problem is somewhere in the driver

I do not know what is this language, I do not even get why in one function duration variable is defined with def keyword and in the other with int.

void on() {
	//Check if dimming speed exists and set the duration
	int duration=0
	if (dimmingSpeed) duration=dimmingSpeed.toInteger()
	sendToDevice(zwave.switchMultilevelV2.switchMultilevelSet(value: 0xFF, dimmingDuration: duration))

void off() {
	//Check if dimming speed exists and set the durration
	def duration=0
	if (dimmingSpeed) duration=dimmingSpeed.toInteger()

	sendToDevice(zwave.switchMultilevelV2.switchMultilevelSet(value: 0x00, dimmingDuration: duration))

Drivers are the latest from here:
Hubitat/Drivers at master · InovelliUSA/Hubitat · GitHub for both LZW31-SN and LZW41.
Firmwares are also the latest (2.27 for the bulb and 1.52 for the switch).

@Eric_Inovelli, can you please take a look?