Inovelli switches as buttons

I have several Inovelli Black Series switches which I'm using in smart bulb mode (so the power to the lights stays on all the time, and the up/down rocker acts as just scene controllers). Problem is, I can't figure out how to use a scene controller as a trigger. This is logged when I press the up button:

2021-06-05 05:43:26.961 pm debugSwitch - Hallway Lights: CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:0, sceneNumber:2, sequenceNumber:104)

Is it possible for that action to be a trigger in a rule?


The best way to tell what events are triggered is to go to the driver and click on the “Events” button. Those are the events that can be used to trigger other actions (Rules, etc.)

Have you updated the firmware for the inovellis? Out of the box I don't think scenes work with the black series unless you update

As far as I know, black series only does on/off - those might be usable to trigger a scene…?

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