Inovelli Red Switch showing parent device and secondary device for every switch

As you can see in my devices I have a regular inovelli red dimmer switch and then another one underneath saying LED Colour. Am I safe to delete these? I also have one called Inovelli Dimmer Driver showing up which isn't for an installed device. Can I delete this?

Bathroom Light
(Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN)

Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN (LED Color)
(Bathroom Light)

Inovelli Dimmer Driver
(Inovelli Dimmer Driver)

Inovelli Dimmer Driver (LED Color)

You can have it disappear by un-toggling the following in the driver, as shown here:

Yes, you can delete it, but I would recommend that you check to be sure that turning it on and off really doesn’t control anything (does the current status show “on” or “off” when you turn it on or off via the driver?)

If you look at the “Device Network ID” under “Device Information”, does this number show up under the “Z-Wave Details screen”?:


For the first part I was able to easily fix the extra devices thanks. Can you explain what the LED Colour Child Device is for?

Secondly this is the network ID code I have 1c71d88c-0d18-42ad-bf21-5b174ec015c8. This device shows it was last used in March. So I think I am safe. I just wasn't sure if drivers showed up in this way as well as on the driver page.

It allows you to use a device to setup the colour of the LED light on the switch/dimmer.

From the device ID you have, it looks like if it is a virtual device, so I think you’re safe to delete. I forgot to mention this before, but do check to make sure the “used by” table is empty first.

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