Inovelli Red Series

I just received my Inovelli Red Series Paddle on/off switches. I did install the Inovelli Driver for the Red Series. Is there also an app I need to install?

There is a second driver to install for the led notification child devices that are automatically created when you configure them in the main device preferences.

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Besides the above, the answer is basically no. To automate it, however, you'll likely want to install an app, just like you would when you want to automate anything in Hubitat. Motion Lighting is a popular choice if you are interested that. For multi taps, Rule Machine with "Button Device" is what Button Controller is plus more, so that will help you create actions bases in those if you want (and so can "Button" but that's generally a bit more work to set up). You may want an app of your choice to control the LED if you plan on using it in that way. But this is all up to you.

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@bjcowles Thanks, I've installed the new second driver for this.

@bertabcd1234 Yes, I have plenty of those.



And just for reference, as I'm sure this topic will get a lot of search hits. The mapping for scene buttons from Inovelli's site:

Action Button # Event
Tap UP 1x 1 Pushed
Tap DOWN 1x 1 Held
Tap UP 2x 2 Pushed
Tap DOWN 2x 2 Held
Tap UP 3x 3 Pushed
Tap DOWN 3x 3 Held
Tap UP 4x 4 Pushed
Tap DOWN 4x 4 Held
Tap UP 5x 5 Pushed
Tap DOWN 5x 5 Held
Hold UP 3 Seconds 8 Pushed
Release UP after hold 6 Pushed
Hold DOWN 3 Seconds 8 Held
Release DOWN after hold 6 Held
Tap Config/Favorite Button 7 Pushed

-Updated 06-27-20


@bjcowles. Great to know. Thanks for sharing this info.

Do you have one of these switches installed already? If so, how many and how were they to pair? I have an older GE Z-Wave in my family room and that I just can not get to sync with HE. My Thermostat which is right above it, synced just fine so it's not a range issue I just think these order GE Z-Wave switches where weak.

I do. I've been using it for three days now and I really like it. I've been using older GE 12727's. They were from Jasco's last non-plus production run (they actually report status and physical/digital events), so I've been hesitant to replace them. I ordered one of the Inovelli switches to test. For me, pairing was effortless. The Boss loves it! At a glance, she can see if the front door is locked or if there is motion outside, using the led notifications. Using scene commands, we can lock/unlock the door (it controls the foyer light and is 18 inches from the door lock), arm/disarm HSM, whatever I want. My next test is disabling the relay and using it with a smartbulb to see if I can get it to work as a dimmer.

This is my first paddle switch, so I was very happy to see that a cover was included. My initial impression is these are great switches. Very flexible and a little less expensive than others with comparable functions. I'll probably order more, and maybe get some of the dimmers when those are released.

I'm excited to get these installed tomorrow. I like the LED notifications. Not sure if I will be using this or not being the 1st switch will be down in the Family room were we don't hang out to much.

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Got the new switch installed paired super easy. how do I turn on logging so I can see when the light is on and off in the logs?

Ha, I hadn't even looked to see if anything was logging. Maybe, if we ask @ericm nicely, he might put some on/off info logs in the driver?

Ya that would be nice.

There is an option to enable logging at the bottom of the preferences:


@ericm I spent some time looking through your driver code the other day. That's a nice piece of work - good job. That's pretty complex for a zwave driver!

@ericm yes I see the debug log bit not a normal log like the rest of the devices.


Here's what I see when I turn on the switch

OMG, I am so jealous. yours must have been order #1. I have 12 switches on the way and couldn't be more excited. I have some zigbee bulbs and really looking forward to stopping the kids from messing up my mesh. @ericm Ericm always does an amazing job with the drivers.
He's the "drivermeister"

Not sure if it was #1 but loving the switch.

So the reports that have "value:0" are reporting that the switch was turned off and the reports that have "value:255" are reporting that the switch is on. I will try to add some additional parsing though in the next driver version.

@ericm. Awesome. Thanks

Ok, I've added some additional parsing and an option to enable "debug logging" and "info logging". You are probably looking for "info logging".

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