Inovelli Red Series Switches and Status

I have a few of the new inovelli Switches that just wont update status in hubitat. It makes automations and dashboards difficult to use. It is only a few switches. Anyone have this issue? Fixes? Thanks

Have you done a z-wave repair? I had that problem with a Zooz dimmer, I turned the breaker off waited a minute and turned the breaker on and it fixed it.

Breaker didn't work. And have completed multiple z wave repairs.

Can you post a screenshot of your device logs? Also what drivers are you using? The driver is a bit complex, I have never seen so many options for one switch.

So I have about 20 of these switches installed. And just 3 of them are giving me this issue. Is there a way to get the log for a single device?

On the device page, click events. When you press a button what do you see?

So when I checked the device page of a switch that is working vs the one that is not the one that is not working doesn't record button presses. I swapped out one of the switches that was giving me problems and same thing. So must be hubitat. Something has changed since I installed all my other switches

Seems like associations are different between working switches and non working switches.

The top is working the bottom isn't

It appears that group got set to 2 and that's when everything stopped working with the switch. Any idea how to change it

So I reset my hub back to a backup prior to the issues and after reincluding the troublesome switches all works fine