Inovelli Red Series functioning oddly locally & unresponsive via hubitat

So after migrating to C-8, I wanted to install inovelli switches. I have both the Blue and the Red series. My current concern is the Red Series switch (LZW31-SN) at the moment. Using the associated driver for the device, I noticed that it had a hard time pairing and when it did, it called itself 'device' instead of associating itself with the recently installed driver. I had to manually switch the 'user' driver after pairing. Hub reboot was futile.
Has anyone else experienced such trouble?

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Normal for a device that uses a 3rd party/user based driver. Manually switching to the user driver is the correct thing to do. Then hit configure on the device page.

Agree with @jkudave. When I have the custom driver already loaded up, I'd say I have a ~50/50 chance of a net-new device correctly grabbing it at initial install (versus coming in as a plain "Device").

Assuming you set & save the preferred/correct driver in a timely manner (and hit the Configure button), it's no big deal at all.

From my ST days way long ago, I've always been in the habit of verifying the driver of any just-added device right away. Heck, that's often when I realize I forgot to tee up the custom driver ahead of time :upside_down_face:

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