Inovelli Red Dimmer not activating Scenes

So I bought 2 Red dimmer at the same time, installed them next to each other and one works as expected while the other just doesn't activate scenes (example: button 2). I have installed the Inovelli Red Dimmer Driver that was updated yesterday.

I'm specifically wanting a double tap up to go to full brightness. Only 1 of 2 of my Red Dimmers will do this.

Any ideas on what's happening here?

Driver I installed:

Simple Automations for the Dimmer that works (kitchen) and the Dimmer that doesn't work (Bar)

Rule Machine that doesn't work:

If you are using Inovelli's driver, I would verify that you have the "Disable Physical On/Off Delay" preference on the device page set to "No." This is supposed to be the default, but if you upgrade the firmware on these devices, I've seen it either become disabled anyway or just get interpreted as such if the value is simply not set. Changing it to "Yes" and back to "No" may help if needed, or you can use the Basic Z-Wave Tool to make sure parameter 51, size 1, is set to 1. Regardless of how it happens, if this "delay" is disabled, it prevents the scene (button) events from firing, so all of these ideas are just to make sure you have it enabled. If you do, you should see matching events in the logs, if you have them enabled for that device (conventionally info logs, but Inovelli's drivers don't really follow convention...), so that's another way you can check.

If the switch itself seems to be working but the automation doesn't, then you likely have another problem. Since it's set up identically to a perfectly functional one, that seems unlikely. Going into the problematic app and just hitting "Done" to re-save it may be sufficient if the only problem is that the app didn't "subscribe" to the button events initially for some reason.

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You Solved it! I need to assign Delay to Yes > Save > Set Delay to No > Save

Now it works as expected!

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