Inovelli New On/Off Switches on sale $25/$30

Inovelli just posted a discount on Amazon on their on/off switches (both the black and red series).

Thought some people be interested in them 72 HR FLASH Sale! - News & Updates - Inovelli Community.


Glad someone else noticed this! :smile:

Just ordered 2 more.

I’m interested in these switches because of their ability to control smart bulbs. The switch’s internal relay can be disabled, thus allowing for the switch (through the hub) to set the bulb to on/off/color.

Is there a Hubitat driver for these switches that allows me to do this?

I believe there is one or at least one is being built by some people on the inovelli forum.

Disabling the relay is done physically by 8x quick presses of the paddle. You should see 3 red blinks as confirmation. Enabling is the same with 3 green blinks as confirmation.

The drivers for the switch:
Inovelli Switch Red Series
Switch Child Device