Inovelli LZW42 color bulb driver

@bcopeland The built in driver run fine with the latest update but there is one setting missing. Can you please add the setting "Dimming Speed" in the driver?
The Inovelli's driver had this setting but their driver is buggy with the "Start Level Change"

Addition of dimming speed setting will make this driver perfect!


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I'll see what I can do..


Have you checked the latest version of it? It had a change about a month ago in early May that has the comment "Fix start level change problem" they probably fixed your issue? If not, let @Eric_Inovelli know and I'm sure they will.

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Yes @Vyrolan I tested but their patch didn't work for LZW42 and I already reported it months ago on Inovelli's forum but nothings corrected since.

Thank so much! :+1:

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