Inovelli LZW42 bulb - Rule Engine / Maker API issues

To start with - C-5 hub running firmware version

I have a number of the LZW42 bulbs in my setup and ran into a issue with a configuration I was looking to setup.

Ultimately here is what I discovered...

When utilizing the Inovelli authored drivers for this bulb (version 4/16/2020 version) or djdizzyj's driver (v2.2), rule engine (4.1 rule) does not trigger certain actions such as "Fade .....". My rule is setup like this:

On Trigger ->

  • Turn bulb on, set color to "white" - brightness 10%.
  • "Fade {bulb} up to 100 over 15 minutes with 30sec intervals"

The bulbs turn on (according to the first action), logs the fade settings should occur but the timer never runs and the bulbs never fade up. No further logs are shown regarding that.

After a bit of testing I tried switching to the built in driver for these bulbs and low-and-behold, the fade rule kicks in and runs exactly as it should.

SWEET... problem solved.. EXCEPT..... using the built in driver, there are no color change events. So, while the color changes correctly, it never shows in the devices event history, nor does it get handed off to makerapi that the color change occurred. On/Off, Brightness both trigger events properly.

Switch back to the inovelli provided driver, now color change events work, makerapi works..... but back to the rule engine fade issue.....


  1. is this a bug/issue in the built in driver that color change isn't triggering a device event?
  2. is this a bug in the rule engine that fade timer never kicks off?
  3. if it's not a bug in the rule engine, is there something specific a driver needs now for timer based events (such as fade to..) ?
  4. any other suggestions as to what to look for

Any input/direction would be appreciated.