Inovelli LZW36 Device Setting

I got my Inovelli LZW36 Light/Fan paired and it works great! Now I am confused by the device setting within HE.

I'm looking to do something very simple. My fan really on has 3 speeds - Low (33), Med (66), and High (100). That's fine. But on the physical switch, I want to dimmer buttons to only have those 3 settings.

So, if the fan is on High (100), and I press the dim down button, I want it to go to med (66). If I press it again, go to Low (33). It'd be nice if another press would turn it off, but that's nice to have.

Which setting do I change and what do I change it to?

I have the LZW36 as well with a three speed fan. Levels 33, 66, 100. I assume the fan's dimmer rocker, that is to the left of the on/off switch, is not meant to be pressed and released like a button, but rather is meant to be held in the up position to increase fan speed and held in the down position to decrease fan speed. This is how most dimmers work. The LZW36 appears to mimic this.

I don't have an infinitely variable fan. I only have 3 speeds, similar to yours, but holding the rocker up will cycle the fan up and holding the rocker down will cycle the fan down. The LED shows you when you hit a speed that your fan is capable of, although I never actually look at this. If my fan is on low and I want it to go to medium, I simply hold the rocker in the up position till its on medium, happens fairly quickly. Hold it in the up position a little longer and it is on high.

I don't want the fan to ever shut-off by holding the fan rocker in the down position. If I want the fan off, I simply press the fan off button, which is directly beside the rocker. This was not the case when I first installed the fan, holding the rocker in the down position would shut-off the fan, so I went into the driver page and set the minimum fan level to 33, this fixed my problem. If you want the rocker to shut-off your fan you could probably leave this setting alone.

I am using the inovelli driver, found on the inovelli website, not the native hubitat driver. I am also running firmware version 1.36 on my switch.

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Yep, you're dead on. After reading this and playing with it a bit, this is exactly how it works. Now i need to do what you did with the minimum speed. Thanks!

Now, I have to get my firmware updated...

Happy to help.

I upgraded to the newest firmware since I wasn't happy with the on/off delay for the light switch. The light seemed to take a full second to shut on/off after pressing the switch. Apparently inovelli did this on purpose to make sure you actually meant to turn the switch on, as opposed to doubletapping it (or triple or quadruple, etc...)

Shutting this feature off is a setting in the driver page, but it didn't work until I installed the newest firmware. Now pressing the light on button, turns the light on instantly, or close enough that I can't tell there is an RF transmission happening from the switch to the canopy module.

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