Inovelli LZW30 switch, no commands on device page

I'm having a lot of issues after a power outage and having to restore my hub from a backup.

I have a few Inovelli LZW30 switches that won't work from dashboards or Amazon Echo commands. When I go to the device page it says "No commands available for this device". I'm using the LZW30 device driver as recommended by Inovelli but does the same thing if I switch it to the Inovelli Smart Switch S2 driver. This means I have no way to control it from the device page.

I have trouble with some device pages for other devices where the commands it does show don't match the type of device. Such as my Ecobee thermostat showing commands that look like they're for an alarm panel and my Sengled bulbs look like they're commands for a push button. Also have an Inovelli outdoor module that has thermostat commands.

This is the device page for my Ecobee thermostat.

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