Inovelli Fan Switch - LZW36

Just ordered an Inovelli Fan and Light Switch. I understand this switch includes 700 series Zwave. I am currently running the C-5 hub, so will not be able to take advantage of the 700 series zwave. Will I be missing any functionality? Is there options in the driver that are only available if you have the new c-7 hub? Is it the consensus to use the Inovelli driver as opposed to the native hubitat driver? Any tips on setting one of these up on a c-5 hub.


As far as I know the only thing your missing with the C-5 vs the C-7 is being able to pair the Inovelli switch using S2 security but that currently has it's own challenges where things like Z-Wave updater doesn't work with it connected using S2 anyway. Other than that I'm not aware of any feature of the switch that acts differently between the two hubs.

Using the LZW36 with a C-5 and pretty sure I'm not missing any features except the S2 like @Terk mentioned

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I would suggest upgrading the firmware, there is instructions on there website on how to do that. I had issues with my switch disconnecting from the canopy module, after I upgraded the firmware it fixed the issue. The inovelli driver allows for you to directly link other inovelli switches without going through the hub and with the new firmware you can get rid of the delay if you are not using the multi tap function.

On the question about which driver to use, my thinking is to consider the HE-native stuff to be the safe basics, and a vendor-provided driver to support more features and all of the bells and whistles of a particular device. With that said, I'm using Inovelli's drivers on my LZW30-SN's and LZW36's.....

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