Inovelli Fan + Light Switch troubles


I'm having troubles with my light + fan switch, it flickers every now and then, maybe every 5 minutes or so. I thought the problem was the bulb, but I have tried with 3 different bulbs and the problem persist.

Another problem is, when pushing either the fan button or the light button, there's a 1 second or maybe a bit more delay to turn on or off. I have the same delay with the Black Series Dimmer Switch, with the ramp rate adjusted to 0.

Can you help me with this?

I found this is just how they are, since technically they are just wireless. My Harbor Breeze fan module that was on a fan , was ALSO delayed by a few seconds.

on another note, look into getting the firmware updated. that helped just a bit.

The switch has a 700ms delay for detecting multi-tap for scene selection. If you don't need the multi-tap, the newest firmware and driver has an option to turn off that delay, substantially improving the on/off response.

That one? The flash rate?

On the configuration page for the parent device "Disable Physical On/Off Delay":


This requires firmware 1.36, and current drivers.

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It's avlittle bit better now, but still have a slight delay. It is so noticeable for me because my lutron Caseta devices work instantly, like a dumb light switch.

There are also the "Dimming Speed" and "Ramp Rate" settings. They won't improve the initial response, but does change the time to on/off once the button is recognized.

But even with those at the minimums (0), it's not like a physical switch.

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