Inovelli Fan/Light Switch no longer connected?

I have had a Inovelli Lzw36 installed for several months and working fine. Recently I noticed it is no longer responding to automations (commands from the hub). All other aspects of the switch work fine, when I physically use the device. I have had a zwave mesh comprised of more than 40 zwave plus devices for years with no problems. All devices are mains powered and zwave plus. The switch has 5 mains powered repeaters within 5 feet, another 5 mains powered repeaters within 10 feet, and the device is less than 10 feet from the hub. (I have a C5 Hub)

This is my first issue with a zwave device in years. Can I simply try to pair it to the hub? Do I have to exclude it first? Can I save my existing device preferences and automations?

I tried putting the hub into inclusion mode along with the switch. No luck, I guess the switch is already included in hubitat?

I would try and power cycle the switch first.. It might just be locked up:. Pull the airgap and push it back in...


Thanks, fixed the problem. I guess I should be thankful that was my only problem with 40+ zwave devices over a couple years. Easy and quick fix.


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