Inovelli Fan and light switch Google Home

When I connect my LZW36 to Google home the fan is coming across as a light. I am using the Hubitat driver. I connect the two "Child" Devices to Google Home.


@Eric_Inovelli I'm seeing the same thing. Is this something you can address in the driver or does @bcopeland or @gopher.ny need to fix it on the platform?

Google can't tell the difference between "Dining Room Fan" and "Dining Room Light" because it thinks both are lights.

I hate to have to give it a ridiculously awkward name and create an equally awkward room so I can turn them on separately.

There's got to be a way to pass the fan across to Google Home as a fan.

(And, there's no excuse for Google not letting me fix that in their app--but, they're Google. They do what they please.)

Tagging @ericm as he's the driver guy :slight_smile:

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I'm not sure if Hubitat supports displaying fans as fans through Google Home. We are using their fan child device so I would think that if it was supported it would work.

I’m just new to Hubitat after moving over from VeraPlus as they have no plans to support Zigbee 3.0.

Anyway on Vera everything appeared correctly in Google Home and all voice commands worked perfectly. Since moving all my devices over to Hubitat I have been unable to correct all the incorrect types appearing in Google Home. I have try device updates and failing sacrificing a chicken to the automation gods I am stumped.

It seems to be a problem that lots of people are having from what I read, but not a strong acknowledgment that it’s goi to be fixed, or that it is a problem....

I’m feeling a little fragile about this point as I solved one problem moving to Hubitat, but have opened up a glaring bigger problem.