Inovelli blue, zigbee binding with cocohue

Is it possible to bind inovelli blue switches with hue bulbs using cocohue or do I have to pair hue bulbs directly to Hubitat. Would that allow me to get a endpointID. Please assist.

No, they would need to be paired directly to Hubitat. CoCoHue per se isn't really relevant; the issue is that both devices need to be on the same network (and it's not currently possible to pair them directly to a Hue Bridge network).

That being said, these devices have always worked well for me via Hubitat and Hue (via CoCoHue for me, of course) without direct Zigbee binding, Z-Wave association, etc., but others' preferences vary.

Thank you. Do I have any advantage then of using cocohue vs. directly pairing to hubitat.

I like the fesutes Hue provides, including direct HomeKit/Siri and Alexa (or Google Assistant) integration, the ability to set power-on settings, easy out-of-home control, and a well used API capable of integrating with many systems (exactly how Hubitat integrations work). I also prefer the Hue interface for scene and "group" (room/zone) creation and the fact that both of these use quick and reliable Zigbee groups, though you can at least get the latter using that directly on Hubitat too.

Some (most? all? I'm not aware of any recent objective testing) Hue bulbs, like many Zigbee bulbs (mostly ZLL, or Zigbee Light Link, but contrary to some assertions you'll see here, I'm again not aware of any objective testing), don't play well with other/non-bulb devices on the same network. Using a Hue Bridge is one way to avoid that.

Hue is also just a rock-solid system. This is not to say that Hubitat isn't, but I rarely need to touch my Hue Bridge at all, even for updates (they can be scheduled), and it's nice to have some control of my Hubitat hub is down because I'm updating/rebooting, playing with it, etc.

Your preferences may vary depending on what, if any of this, you value--but that's where it lands for me.

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Thanks for the info. I guess then I will try maintain the cocohue without bundling. Can anyone assist me with instructions on how to control the innovelli blue switches to on, off and dimmer with rules. I’m assuming with rule machine not basic rules. I’m a newbie to rule machine.

You can do this with Basic Rule, but Basic Button Controller (sort of like Basic Rule but without you needing to manually configure button triggers yourself--that's all it does) or "regular" Button Controller (sort of like Rule Machine but again without needing to define button triggers yourself) would probably be a tad easier. All you need to do is find the event on your switch and create an action that does what you want in response.

For example, with either app, for the "button 1 pushed" event (which corresponds to a single tap up in pretty much any driver I know of for this or any similar device), you might want to have an action that turns on your Hue lights. (For the rest of the events, Inovelli's numbering is a bit odd--"button 1 held" is actually a single tap down. See the "2-1 Switch Button Mapping" section in the manual for a complete list, or, probably easier, just try the event you want and see what it is based on Logs, events, or a live look at the device detail page.)

I also wrote Dimmer Button Controller to make some of this, IMHO, easier than using some of the built-in options (no need to choose your lights in each action--this assumes you want basically the same lights for everything, just different actions). But you'll still need to know what events in your driver correspond to what real-world actions on the device. It is also unlikely to play well with the awkward use of "held" events with Inovelli's custom driver (I use my own for these with more Hubitat-y conventions, but my Blue driver isn't quite ready for sharing yet...).

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Thank you so much. The support is outstanding. I will try this today.