Inovelli Blue Series Community Driver - Error at line 2133

I see this error line in all of my inovelli switches. This is an example. Can someone explain it to me and a possible correction

Can you specify which model of the switch you are using, and also what driver? If the built-in, what Hubitat platform version are you on? If the community driver version, what version is it?

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Sorry. C8. Inovelli blue series. FV 2.15


What driver are you using?

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Inovelli community

Was that driver automatically selected when you added the devices? Or did you change drivers after adding the device?

@mark.amber and @ericm maintain the community driver.

Can you confirm that you are using the latest version? I keep mine up to date with Hubitat Package Manager, and am at the following version:

Inovelli Dimmer 2-in-1 Blue Series VZM31-SN v23.7.18 (driver)


Set driver first then added. Yes version 23.7.18 driver

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If there's a "Configure" button on the device page, can you try clicking that?

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Clicked configure button

Look at live logs now and see if the errors persist

Ok. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted.

This is fixed in the latest driver but it hasn’t made it into HPM yet. Hopefully @ericm can update HPM in the next few days


Thanks @mark.amber! Out of curiosity, will that be the 09-14 version or will it be something newer?

@hydro311 The latest is 10-01 but the ‘fix’ for this error was 08-23 I believe. So it should be included in 09-14 if that’s what you’re running

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@mark.amber Nice - thanks! I'm still on 07-01 (which is working well for me), but I noticed Eric currently has his 09-14 on the Github URL. But you recently mentioned in the Inovelli forum that you'd finished up a new Blue driver, so I kinda figured there would be something newer than that 09-14 coming.

I'll keep an eye out in HPM for 10-01. Thanks again for your awesome work supporting this!!

I believe it’s available via HPM now


Thank you

Thank you @mark.amber!

I forgot to answer this question. The error was due to a new firmware feature that the older driver didn’t know about.

The new firmware (and new driver) now reports the switch internal temperature and can be used to detect if the switch is overloaded