Inovelli Blue repeaters

I have looked but cant confirm if Inovelli Blue 2-1 running in no neutral act as repeaters? I have 3 switches running at 22 feet clear run and 10 feet beyond that in a bedroom from there. they seem to run ok but one 6 feet across the hall behind the bathroom wall and the kitchen fridge seems to work randomly.

Are the Blues you have paired all confirmed to NOT be from the 2 bad batches?

If so, they should repeat fine (neutral or no neutral).

If any of your paired Blues are from the 2 bad batches, I'd un-pair them immediately. You can still leave them wired up as a dumb dimmer or switch (until your replacement arrives), but just don't pair them into your mesh.

ETA -- the latest Blue firmware is 2.08, do you have that installed? This version helped solve a lot of connectivity issues. The Blues are definitely a work in progress, since they are such a new device.

Do you have any other zigbee repeaters in your mesh? Until things really finish gelling with the Blues, I would be hesitant to rely on them as main/primary repeaters in my zigbee mesh.

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Theses are the first zigbee devices I have bought besides one temp humidity sensor. I just have moved from isy and run all zwave and am replacing x10 gear to zigbee or zwave. How do you tell what batch they are from? I will check the firmware .

Bad batch info here:

Blue Series 2-1 Switch - Network / Pairing Issue Announcement - So Hot Right Now / News - Inovelli Community

The Inovelli community is the best way to keep track of update-related news for the Blues -- stuff like firmware updates and things like that will be announced / promoted there first.

Thank you !!!! It would seem two of these switches are from the bad batch and I feel zigbee may have not been a bad choice. I will send back the form and wait out the new switches to arrive.

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I had a few bad ones, but several good ones in my order of Blues... The good ones are performing well here on 2.08, but I had a robust zigbee mesh already in place so I'm not relying on any of my Blues to act as key repeaters.

I think the Blues will be really awesome once they are fully polished, but it'll take a while to get there -- so it goes with any all-new HA product.


Well I thank you again. I will check the firmware and update if need be.

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