Inovelli Blue 2in1 + 3 Eria Tuneable White Bulbs + 1 Zwave Colour Bulb

My first time playing with the Blue 2in1. The Inovelli Blue is updated to firmware 2.14. The 3 Eria Zigbee bulbs and the Blue dimmer have been set up for Group Messaging following the instructions on the Inovelli forum.

Shortly a Aeotec MS 7 will be added into the mix. In the meantime, I could dig out a Zooz 4in1 and then just sub it out once I get the MS7 installed.

For now, what I would like is the bulbs to come on at a set brightness and CT depending on the time of the day. Usually I'd go to Rule Machine and buttons, but I'm guessing there are newer, better ways to do this, so I'm looking for suggestions.

Two things I would like to avoid:
-Switch failing to work manually if I have a hub failure
-being blinded at 3am with the bulbs first coming on at their last known setting before communicating with the hub and going to 1500k @ 15% brightness.

What does the community feel the best route to tackle this is?


I'd use Room Lighting to set up the timeframes, actions, etc for the motion-based stuff.

If you have the 3 ZB bulbs bound to the switch, that should give you basic control of those 3 bulbs if hub is down. Where does the ZW bulb you mention in the title fit in all of this?

For the 2nd point you want to avoid, would the bulbs be coming on from motion or switch action?

Either way, it'll depend on whether or not those bulbs can prestage level and/or color -- some can, some can't. I am not familiar with Eria bulbs, so I unfortunately can't help know that.