Innr sp 224 power report

Question about power reporting. As the title mentions, I have an innr sp 224 and the power reporting never goes above 0 on the HE dashboard. I can see when it is on or off or flashing ( still don't understand the use of this mode but that's beside the point ), but the status for power never changes. Has anyone seen a similar problem?

If not does anyone know if I have to do anything specific to get a device to report current power properly?

The 224 doesn't do any power reporting (AFAIK); however, the 234 model does (I use both models).


That would do it. I will try to find that one. Any suggestions for other plugs that do power monitoring? I will also look it up but figure it's good to ask in case someone here already knows a few other options.

The 234 works well for power reporting. I also use Aeotec Smart Sw/ 7 (z-wave) -- also very good, but pricey (like all Aeotec ZW!)

In case you're still looking at plug choices, I'd now say be wary of the Innr 234 model... I've been very happy with all my 224 models (had 'em a long time now), but 1 of 2 of my 234s keeps flaking out and dropping off my mesh.

I'm going to replace both today with Sengled NB7, but I don't know much about those yet -- I'm hoping they are solid performers!

Now that I look closer, there are a couple reviewers on Amazon that mentioned the same Innr 234 flakiness I'm seeing - it seems Innr doesn't quite have those models fully baked yet.

ETA - I noticed the first drop a while ago and chalked it up to a fluke, but discovered it fell off again this weekend and then I dug into and found those other Amazon reviews.

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I had two that were flaky (on zigbee2mqtt). They're in the drawer of spare devices now. My 224s have remained rock solid.

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