Innr Smart Zigbee plug? also a repeater or not?

Are the Innr Smart Zigbee plug also act like a Zigbee repeater?

It looks so similar to the ones that Lowes to sell a long time ago when they were doing small home automation.

This what I am looking at - Innr Smart Plugs

I do have pair of Ikea repeaters which is just a repeater and one of my Ikea repeater doesn't seem to be working good as it used to. My Zigbee remote on my bedside for my lamps seems can't connect to the hub which is like 12 feet away in my closet like it used to so either my home have more interference than before or one of my two repeater is going out.

The 224 (non-power reporting) version repeats fine -- I've heard some folks say they aren't the strongest repeaters, but they work great for me as repeaters in my mesh (I have quite few!)

The 234 (power-reporting version) probably repeat fine too, but they are really flakey about staying in the mesh -- I love the 224s, but stay away from the 234s.


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