Innr outdoor spotlights

Hi guys,

I'm new here but I've been using Hubitat for about 6 months - migrated from SmartThings. I have continued to expand my home's automation, and now I'm getting out of control (according to the wife) :slight_smile:.

One of the many things I'm working on with HE is outdoor lighting. I decided to get some Zigbee outdoor spotlights to shine on our house. The ones made by Innr are quite nice - I bought 2 sets. However Hubitat detects them as a generic Zigbee CT bulb. They work(ish), but I am unable to control color with this driver, since it's just for CT bulbs. If I switch to the RGBW driver, it also sort-of works, but I can't turn the lights on/off (which is important).

Has anyone else had experience with these? Any tips/tricks? Is there an existing driver that works with all functionality?

If not, how do I go about creating a driver? Just point me in the right direction - I can code/script about anything I've put my mind to, so I think I can handle it if a new driver needs to be created. I just don't know where to start.

I have some Innr lights, just not the outdoor ones. Have you tried the advance RGBW driver. make sure you save the preferences then hit configure with the log page open to make sure it completes.