Innovelli, Confused on Black vs Red

So the website says Red includes scene control. What does that mean? If my plan is to use Hubitat to control devices and scenes, why do I need the Red switch to do this? Wouldnt the black be suffice? I plan to have motion sensors and timers turning groups of lights on and off.

The Red Series' scene control allows you to program multi-tap events as additional pushbutton inputs to your Hub. For instance, I have two taps up on every outside light switch programmed to turn on the outside lights for 5 minutes and then turn them off, and a long hold of the off button on the outdoor switches turns off all outside lights. I also have 5 taps of the off button on every Red Series switch in the house programmed to call in a silent 911 panic through my alarm panel, in case of a home invasion or hostage situation.

FWIW, Inovelli just announced yesterday that they are ending the Black Series development, so you should probably go with the Red Series at this point.....

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For me, the biggest difference by far is the Red includes an LED light bar that can be used for notifications. Personally I love it. The LED light bar on my switch pulses red when there is a weather alert in my area. It goes solid red if there is an issue with my sump pump, etc...

Basically, you can program the light bar to turn a variety of colors based on various conditions.


@vreihensummed it up really well -- thank you!

Here's a more extensive breakdown with pretty check-marks that may help.

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You can set custom colors (no blinking/pulsing patterns though) with the black series as well.

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