Innovelli button push

I'm using the button # push option on my Innovelli Red switch.
I just updated the driver.
If the "on" button is pushed physically, it turns on the overhead light.
If the "off" button is pushed physically, it turns off the cabinet light, the overhead light and another light.
In the app, I use "button 1" (one push) to turn all off.
Interestingly enough, if I set it to push and physically hit the "on" button, the overhead light comes on, then all three lights are switched off.
I changed the app to "held" instead of "pushed" and all works correctly, even though I don't physically "hold" the off button.

What drivers are you using for the Red Series dimmer? If you're using Inovelli's custom driver, "button 1 held" is a single tap of the down/off half of the paddle. (IMHO, this is a bit odd, but anything you do with these is going to be a bit odd with either events names or button numbers given how many the switches can do and the fact that Hubitat only has so many possible "native" button event possibilities.)

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