Initial setup at one home, then move to to factory reset

Hi all,
I'm a (relatively new) SmartThings user who is looking to set up an elderly relative's home with a few connected devices, starting with a smart lock. I've purchased a Hubitat Elevation hub for their home (eventually will be migrated to my home to replace ST when no longer needed at the other home).

What I'd like to do is purchase the lock, and try to pair it to the HE at my home to make sure that the lock is compatible before trying to install at the other house.

I'm assuming if I do that, that I'll need to factory reset both the hub and the lock prior to trying to install both at the other house.

Can someone point me to any documentation on how to do the hub factory reset?


I can't think of any reason that you'd have to do that. The only thing you might have to do is exclude the lock, and then re-include it if the hub is going to be located some distance away from the lock location in the new home. If there is some distance, a mains powered device located close to the lock to act as a repeater might be required. In that case you'd want the mains device already installed and paired with the HE before including the lock.

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Well the hub would be on a different LAN with a different IP address, etc. That wouldn't mess stuff up?

HE doesn't rely on the cloud, it runs everything locally.

If for some reason you need to access the hub remotely to program new automations, you'll either have to actually go to the hub, or purchase an Admin subscription. Folks have been known to set up other ways of doing this which are not recommended.

Alternatively, you could put the ST hub in the Elderly person's home now, and start switching over to HE.

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Thanks for your insight, and for the idea about moving ST to their home.

I'll have to think about that. :slight_smile: