Initial experience

I come from a 5 yo Vera Edge which has been discontinued and I am not excited by the Ezlo. After some research I ended up with an HE which arrived a week ago. My experience with the Vera set me back a little as I had to overcome many pre-conceived notions. Never-the-less, I had 3 devices excluded from the Vera and included on the HE within 30 minutes of setting it up. All in all, moving my 55 devices took very little time; mostly getting used to a new interface. Only 2 of them were assigned the wrong device driver; a Schlage door sensor was identified as a motion sensor and was easily reassigned. And a newer Kwikset 912 was identified as a Schlage. Changing it to generic allowed me to retrieve the codes and receive timely state updates.

Besides my door and motion senors, the only devices that needed to be moved next to the HE were an older Evonet water valve controller and an equally old Telguard GDO. (I almost crushed my thumb while pairing the Evonet; it was between the arm and the flange.) The Telguard was challenging as it is mounted on my garage ceiling.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the flexibility of the HE rules machine (Scenes on the Vera). I was able recreate (and in most cases) improve all of my automation.

This forum has been extremely useful (and patient) helping me climb the fairly steep learning curve. This morning I actually got my Geofence working. Drove my car a mile away and my garage door closed. Returned home and my mode changed back from Away to Day. Very nice.

Since the Telguard is paired as a "Generic Z-Wave Switch", my first project will be learning how to change the state from "On/Off" to "Open/Closed".

I was also impressed that my GE/Jasco 26933s were so nicely integrated. (They still aren't supported by Vera and they require considerable hacking to use properly).

The only feature I truly miss is the ability to restrict a lock code to a specific day and time of the week. For example: housekeeper code restricted to Tuedays, 8:30AM - 10:30AM.

Again, thanks to all for your help and patience. I will continue to explore.


Lock Code Manager is your solution to this one :smiley:


Welcome to Hubitat! Glad your transition has generally been smooth, and things are working well.

You could consider creating a virtual contact sensor, whose state is determined by the state of the Telguard switch using a rule.

You might want to check out Jason Bottjen’s (@JasonJoel’s) component Smart Motion Dimmer driver for this. He’s also developed a similar component driver for the 26931. I have both, and use his excellent drivers on both. They separate the motion sensor and the Switch/Dimmer into conceptually separate child devices, and also expose the various controls for use in Rules.

Both can be installed through Hubitat Package Manager (“HPM”) an excellent community-contributed app by Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) that you might not be aware of if you are new:

Welcome to the community!

I installed the Lock Code Manager yesterday from "Add Built-in App". I could only find the ability to Disable or Enable (or Enable and Disable) on specific dates (YYYY-MM-DD HH). Nothing for just a day and time of the week (e.g. Tuesdays between 8:00AM - 10:00AM). Am I using the wrong lock manager or should I keep exploring until I find it?

I found these yesterday while looking up the GE 26933 here to learn what I should expect. I found and installed the Package Manager yesterday also. I plan on experimenting with these drivers as soon as I have the opportunity (still have tons to learn). Thank you for pointing them out to me!

Thanks! That's where I was heading to. Thought I'd do some exploration first to make sure I didn't overthink it. Hate to get it all set up only to find there's a simple text string I can replace if I had only looked.

So. as I understand it, locks don't support schedules, only the hubs do. As it currently stands, the HE interface can only install codes and delete them on specific dates. It currently cannot install a code on, say, Tuesday at 8:00 AM and delete it at 10;00 AM. I think this would be a generally useful feature to add.

Also, locks don't report invalid codes, just "unknown" events which can be a lot of things, so it's hard to interpret invalid codes. Other systems (Vera in my experience) have the logic to interpret lock messages of this nature as invalid codes. I'd like to be notified of an invalid code, even if it really meant the lock was struck by lighting.

I would definitely use such a feature to let my cleaning lady in at a specific time. It took me several tries to get the syntax right but the following seems to work. It's not particularly elegant. The pin is a string not a number... who knew. Lightning strike, you're on your own. Though honestly I think I would notice without being alerted.