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regarding login, as the unauth sorta tells the story I think. Initially I tried user/pass but it wouldn't work correctly to my NAS. The solution was dedicating a token.
Setup a new token, then copy paste it into the HE app - I didn't use the admin token, i created a seperate and distinct one for my bucket with all rights. I'm using this token for HE to Influx, Grafana to influx and Telegraf to influx. On the influx screen when creating the token you choose custom or All Access. I initial tried custom but got some errors. deleted the token, started over and set it to all access and I was successful.

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Check your connection properties. NB: with InfluxDB 2.x, you are going to want to use a token. You also need to ensure that the token has rights to the bucket.

I’m running influx 2.7.6 and this seems to be causing a compatibility error with my influxdb logger instance. At least that is what I think is going on. I’m running the logger on 3 hubs and only one of them is throwing errors however. kind of weird.

edit: well, thats not the problem. i rolled back to 2.7.5 and it didn’t fix anything.

edit2: i suspect i have misformed data in my backlog that won’t post. i think i have corrected the issue, but I’m not sure how to fix/flush the backlog.

edit3: I got the backlog cleared by lowering the allowable size and it deleted everything. Ultimately the data was from MQTT and is defined only as “payload” by the MQTT connection driver. when I turned MQTT back on it immediately broke the influx logger again, so for the time being I am just not including those devices.

I don't use MQTT on Hubitat, but based on the documentation I expect that payload is the actual MQTT message itself, which wouldn't be very useful in InfluxDB.

MQTT messages are strings, with a format that is arbitrarily defined and agreed on between publisher and subscriber. There is no reasonable way for InfluxDB to decode MQTT messages.

FWIW, I think you probably want the resulting device state after the message is processed, yes? Perhaps someone else has done this previously and can comment?

no, the MQTT message is the string. I’ve got a sensor on my water softener that sends the percent and the distance. interestingly, it was working fine and I was graphing it in grafana, until I refilled the water softener salt. once I refilled the salt the whole thing broke. Initially I thought it was b/c I filled it above 100% (based on calculations done on the arduino), but I deleted that data and it still isn’t working. transmitted 25% no problem, but 99.7% and its broken. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes, the issue is that the meaning of the payload string is unknown to InfluxdDB Logger. Just looking at the examples, and assuming ascii, possible interpretations are string, integer, and number (decimal). Even if the '%' is removed, you still have an issue between integer and decimal.

Influx requires all field submissions to be of the same type. InfluxDB Logger needs to know the types in advance in order to format the insert post correctly for InfluxDB.