Individual Device States Don't Update When Actuated Via Association Group

I have a couple inovelli switches and Honeywell outlets (Z-Wave Plus) setup in an association group. It works great and the lights/outlets turn on and off as expected when I press the switch. However, only the switch that I use to actuate the association group updates its state on Hubitat. The rest continue to report the state they were in before. If I go call refresh for each device, it then reports the correct state.

I would have expected the devices to report their new state. Am I missing something, or are my expectations wrong?

This rule seems to function as a workaround. Living Room Light Switch is the switch used to actuate the association group. Upon that switch's change, I refresh the rest of the switches/outlets in the association group and they all then report the correct state.
Screenshot from 2022-01-18 00-11-48

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I wonder - are those devices that require a refresh Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus devices?

If they are not Plus, they would need to be polled, so the solution is a good one.

I did initially look into the Z-Wave Poller, but I confirmed that these are all Z-Wave Plus devices.

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No idea - but could the radio be inundated by receiving simultaneous status updates from multiple devices?

Tagging a few zwave experts in the community for their thoughts @bcopeland @JasonJoel @tony.fleisher @lewis.heidrick

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Depends on the device, some devices do NOT send an update when they are controlled via association. It isn't required by the spec, and some manufacturers didn't add it. On other devices that reporting is configurable (but not many devices do that).

So if you turn on debug logging for the device that is not updating as expected, then go change the master/associated device - see if you see anything in the system logs for the device that does not change state.

If not, either the mesh is dropping the status message (unlikely unless you have mesh issues), or that brand of device / that model of device does not send status updates when controlled by association commands.

Welcome to the joys of using device to device associations.


I think @JasonJoel correctly identified the problem. I'll go back to soldering now.


Thanks for the explanation @JasonJoel . My refresh automation seems to be keeping everything in sync as expected, so I'll run with that workaround.

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