Indicator capability?

It seems as if the indicator capability is not available or has been renamed. I am porting an app I wrote over from SmartThings and the preference selection shows up as empty.

input name: "switches_on", title: "Turn on indicators on switches...", type: "capability.indicator", multiple: true, required: false

Is this not supported?

it's not used, not in any apps, nor in any drivers as a capability.
You can safely remove it.

Mike, I don’t want to remove it, I need to control the indicators in this app. It’s used to kill them in bedrooms at night time. Can I send the raw commands from an app in Hubitat instead?

you can use custom commands in our apps to run any device method

Perfect. I’ll give that a shot.

Finally got back to looking at this, however there are no device commands available for controlling the indicator LED's. They exist in the preference panel.

How do I make that change, programmatically or through RM? I do not see a way to accomplish either.

It's not implemented in any of our drivers or apps at this time.

I’m really trying to avoid using any more custom drivers than necessary. Any chance you can update driver to add a command for it?

You're the only person that's requested this, so we can look at it. It was dropped over here as there isn't a direct zigbee equal. I'll bring it up in engineering and see what the take is.

Thank you!

There's a number of drivers where this needs to be added, which ones are you currently using?

I would be happy to have the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer (& Switch) and the GE Smart Fan Control drivers updated. Those three represent the devices in use in our bedroom where I change the indicators at night.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

For what it is worth, I add the indicator capability to all of my drivers (where applicable).

It would be handy to have in the base driver, though.

@srwhite did you get anywhere with this? I used your app over on ST and I wondered if it would port over since it's such a simple app. As you mention the capability.indicator doesn't seem to be available. What did you end up doing?