Incorrect listing on List of Compatible Devices page

I was trying to find a way to verify all my drivers were up to date (since the latest release/update of I've had lots of problems)
The BeSense PIR Wall Sensor IX30 Motion Sensor Z-Wave BeSense Motion Sensor. Doesn't match what my system has - I show "BeSense Motion Sensor Zwave Plus' as the 'Type'.

This was the first device I tried to lookup, which is foreboding. Someday maybe images of the devices, and a maintenance of this list would be very useful! ... now to soldier on.

The BeSense Motion Sensor driver is the only driver on the whole system that has BeSense in it. It's not like there is a BeSense Motion Sensor driver and a BeSense Motion Z-wave Plus driver. There's only one BeSense driver. This had you confused?

Personally, I vote for Hubitat spending their time one things that are actual problems and not purely cosmetic.

and that is why it is destined to fail. built by programmers for programmers. damn the rest of the world. Love the attitude. It's funny as hell that you see all these posts by poor smucks saying 'I was looking for drivers ...' and then they bump into the 'list of devices' page [(Searchable database of devices and drivers) as one of 100 examples]. I realize now I shouldn't bother posting.
Sorry to bother you.

If you look in the edit device page and select the drivers drop-down, this is the ONLY driver that has the word BeSense in it. You honestly are trying to tell me you were unsure about which driver should be used?

Don't be discouraged. Your question was fine.


Thanks for the report, I fixed it.

We created our docs as a wiki so that others can edit it. All it takes is a PM to me to enable your account if you are interested in helping out.



Please keep in mind that anyone can reply to your posts, but only hubitat employees have the “staff” badge by their forum avatar. I have found them to be incredibly responsive to user questions and requests. Hopefully your experience is similar.

Yes, really.

For example, a platform update messed up three of my older generation z-wave motion sensors. Other owners reported the same issue. Within days they responded to user feedback here in the forum, I was able to help test a beta driver to confirm it worked, and the updated driver was included in the most recent hotfix.

In this case, a user made a simple request, and within hours a hubitat staff member confirmed they could address it.

I think that’s impressive.

I am sure anyone would be frustrated at not getting responses to their emails from support, but how does making belittling assumptions about their work ethic help make your case that they should respond to you?

You misunderstand me. They aren't going to respond. They have chosen to ignore me. One post is 4 months old and I have tagged multiple staff members multiple times and not gotten a single response. If that isn't the very definition of "choosing when to do your job" then I don't know what is. My day would be a lot easier if I didn't have to work with people I didn't like. But I don't have that luxury. They do and that's pretty great for them. That's all I was pointing out.

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