Inconsistent status reporting -- where should I be looking?

Last night I used Alexa to turn on my Family Light (which is a Leviton DZPD3 Z-Wave Plus dimmer using the Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer driver). It came on. Logs show correct HE response:


My evening shutdown rule which turns off all lights at 11:30PM apparently ran correctly because the light was off this morning. However, I see nothing logged to that effect, and the status from the Devices listing shows that it is still on:


Likewise, the Dashboard shows it still on at the 25% setting established by Alexa command.

The Devices summary shows:

So, it seems that I have a credible connection to the mesh via nearby repeaters, etc. Is this an issue with the device itself, or with something strange within the HE hub? I would have expected the logs to show the turn off action at 11:30PM (which actually turned off the light), but nothing captured, hence the bogus status. I thought Z-Wave Plus devices continually reported their status, so maybe it is something in the driver?

All thought welcome.

The donโ€™t continually report their status. They send reports on status changes. In this particular case, the switch is connected to the Hubitat via two hops, so it is possible that a status report was sent by the switch, but lost before it reached the hub (perhaps either of the two routers were busy at the time the report was transmitted or unavailable).

What are devices 42 and 15?

21ms RTT and 11 Route Changes. Without knowing the distances, obstacles, etc. I can't say that's bad, but it's not good either. :slight_smile:

Device 42 is a powered RadioThermostat:

And, device 15 is a Leviton DZ6HD Dimmer:

So, yes, there are a number of paths involved in getting status back to the hub. Didn't realize that status wasn't sent except upon change, even with a Plus device. Is there any way to prompt an update, such as one might expect when refreshing the dashboard?